Executive & Personal Security in Brisbane

Why Employ Security Driving Services?

All too often, people make the mistake of thinking that there is little to no risk involved in traveling to their destinations, and that any driver or transportation service in Brisbane will be suited to the task. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. An overwhelming majority of security incidences occur in and around the transportation process, and it is during travel when one is at the highest risk of being confronted by safety threats.

This is why Limoso has taken the steps necessary to ensure we have access to, and are associated with, drivers who have received training equal to that of the Australian Police Force. Your security is our main concern, and our fully customizable and scalable protection offerings allow us to meet any and all of your transportation needs.

As Brisbane moves onto the world stage with a rapidly growing population and the upcoming G20 Summit, join forces with us and be prepared for the exciting challenges ahead.

Close Personal Protection

Limoso is designed to provide a unique combination of personal security and luxury transportation for our most safety-conscious clients. Limoso associates with a Close Personal Protection (CPP) team who specialise in providing a reliable executive and personal security services in Brisbane and have extensive experience in ensuring our clients’ well-being.

Presently, Limoso is the first and only luxury chauffeured limousine service in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales capable of providing this level of service. We are committed to delivering a first class executive and personal security to all of our clients, no matter their needs. Our commitment to a consistently high standard of service has helped us build upon the enviable reputation Limoso is already known for. When you need top of the line executive or personal security services, look no further than Limoso. Our security driving services are available in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and beyond!

Security services can be tailored to include:

  • Close personal protection anywhere in Australia
  • Safe transfers to and from work
  • Full door to door service, when you arrive in Australia to when you leave
  • Providing police-checked government registered bodyguards, armed escort for valuables such as jewelery, cash, documents, art and anything else valuable which you would like protected while enjoying our luxury transport.
  • Bomb sweep of the vehicles
  • Scalable levels of security to suit any of your needs
  • An advance car to see everything is secure prior to your arrival
  • A second vehicle to provide protection and backup to your vehicle
  • All routes are calculated with contingencies plans, safe havens and emergency evacuation plans in place, along with emergency medical and security risk assessment.
  • We would be more than happy to offer assistance to work with your existing security staff to provide you with a great service with the best outcome.
  • Yes, we are fully insured for both your valuables and public liability.