Limo Hire in Brisbane, Gold Coast & Beyond

Tailored Services Available for Any Occasion

As a customer, your needs are unique. We understand that - which is why all of our clients can expect personalized limousine and car service that surpasses their greatest expectations. We strive to provide the most comfortable, safest, and most efficient travel experience possible to every client, every time. Our Brisbane car hires include Chryslers, Bentleys, Audi, Mercedes, and stretch limousines.

Whether you need service for an airport transfer, corporate travel, wedding, formal event, birthday, golfing, night out, casinos, shopping, or virtually any other occasion, Limoso is ready to take you. To find the perfect service to fit your needs, explore some of our most popular offerings via the links below.

Security Offerings

Limoso is the first – and only – luxury limousine service in Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales to offer personal security services for safety-conscious travelers. Our associated Close Personal Protection (CPP) team provides discreet and reliable security detail for all clients and is capable of scaling their operation to meet any needs. No matter the requirements, our commitment to a consistently high standard of service ensures that we will take whatever steps necessary to keep you safe. When you book with Limoso, you can rest assured you are protected by the best.

Our security services are uniquely tailored to you and include:

  • Close Personal Protection for the Duration of your Travel
  • Government-Registered Bodyguards
  • Armed Escorts for Valuable and Sensitive Materials
  • Complete Scalability to Meet Any Standards
  • Multi-Car Detail and Route/Contingency Planning
  • Contingency, Emergency Evacuation, and Risk Assessment Plans